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Une de mes preferees. Merci Marie de me l’avoir un jour racontee!!

In a foreign country, a bear was running after a rabbit. As the rabbit was trying to escape from the bear, he fell on a bottle and a genie came out.

GENIE: “Now that you have woke me up, I will grant you three wishes. So, starting by you, Mister the bear, what is your first wish?”

M.BEAR: “Well, there is not enough female on my territory. My first wish is that all the bear in my territory become females”, he says in an exciting way.

And his wish is granted.

GENIE: “And you little rabbit, what is your first wish?”

LITTLE RABBIT: “Well, what I have always dreamed of is a motorcycle, a little motorcycle to fit my size, and if possible, I would like it to be red”.

M.BEAR: “How stupid you can be! Is it really your wish?” says the bear and thinking that rabbits are the stupidest animals on earth.

LITTLE RABBIT: “It’s my wish and I can wish what I want!”

And his wish is granted.

GENIE: “ What do you want for your second wish?” says the genie and looking at the bear.

After a little moment of thinking, the bear goes:

M.BEAR: “I think that I would be bored of all the same females on my territory. So, my second wish is that all the bear in my country become females.”

And again, his wish is granted.

GENIE: “And you?” says the genie to the rabbit.

LITTLE RABBIT: “Well, if I want to ride safely, I would like a little motorcycle hat, red also, and with some holes for my long ears.”

M.BEAR: “WHAT? A hat? You can get whatever you want and you ask a hat!!! Why not gloves by the way?” says the bear to the rabbit laughing of his funny, and here again, stupid wishes.

And the rabbit’s wish is granted.

GENIE: “Finally, what is your last wish Mister the bear?”

M.BEAR: “Well”, goes the bear, “I think that I want more females. So, my last wish is that all the bears in the world become females.”

And, his last wish is exhausted.

GENIE: “And, what can I do for your last wish little rabbit?”

Putting his hat on his head, tying it up, sitting on his motorcycle, and starting it, the rabbit goes: “I wish that the bear is gay!”

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