The adventure continues…

…in USA!! To resume shortly my life of past two months, I stayed home looking for a job, relaxing and enjoying being an housewife (and not a desperate this time!). I’ve started a new job and I am now working in USA. Short periods only, but still. It took me two days to figure it out that speed limits are in miles and not in km. So, I’ve been driving during two days at 55 km/hr on the highway instead of 90 km/hr (~50 miles/hr)! How to look stupid and tourist!! Oh yes I did! What was my surprise when people were totally passing me, almost yelling at me because I was driving too slow…ben oui je viens du Qc pis chez nous on a évolué et on est en KILOMÈTRES pas en MILES, maudit!

The city…no the village where I am is really small…the kind of one that if you keep looking in front of you, you’ll miss it. Every little house has its flag, but hey, there are two McDos!! Well, after Diavik, it is an improvement.

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